About us

Phoenix Design Aid is a first-class design and communication agency that focuses on quality, innovation and speed. We deliver contemporary and innovative designs, focusing on client needs and swift management, ensuring that working with us is always a quick, easy and hassle-free experience. Based on our long-term partnerships, we have in-depth understanding of our clients’ expectations, constraints and culture, allowing us to deliver best value for all.

We specialize in working with international and intergovernmental organizations, including United Nations and European Union, NGOs and public authorities, performing all projects in compliance with internationally recognized principles of social responsibility, in accordance with United Nations requirements.

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The SDG Action Shop is a part of a new partnership between Phoenix Design Aid and UN SDG Action Campaign. We want to enhance the visibility of the SDGs through sustainable merchandise and tailored events.

Read more about the agreement here and read more about the UN SDG Action Campaign on their website.